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Dorney Park Coupons 2014:

Dorney Park Discount TicketsDorney Park Tickets: Buy Online and Save UP TO 20% OFF!
Dorney Park Coupon: Save $19 off a One-Day Regular Price and 2nd annual United Methodist Day at Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown, Pa. Park Hours 10am to 10pm. Coupon only valid on June 22nd, 2013.

UMM Dorney Park coupon 2013

Single Day Regular

Online:  $39.99 / Gate:  $49.99
You Save $10 buying online!

Single Day Regular- 4 or More
Online:  $37.99 / Gate:  $49.99
Buy More and Save $12 per ticket!

Single Day Regular- Pick A Day
Online:  $34.99 / Gate:  $49.99
Pick your visit date at least 2 days
before and save $15 per ticket!

Single Day Jr/Sr
Online:  $24.99 / Gate:  $29.99
You Save $5 buying online!

Online/Gate:  $27.99
Valid after 3:30p when park closes at 8:00 pm
Valid after 5:00p when park closes at 10pm or later

Single Day Parking
Regular:  $15 / Preferred:  $25

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Dorney Park makes it easy to have a great day full of fun without going over your budget. With the variety of options that Dorney Park offers to buy your tickets online either as a season pass or single day pass, you will save a great deal of money on your tickets, leaving you more money to try out the delectable food choices they have throughout the park! From time to time special Dorney Park Coupons can help you save much more. Check our blog posts to get hold of the latest coupons.

Season Pass

For locals that love amusement parks, the Dorney Park Season Pass is a very economical choice. With the ability to come back as many times as you wish during the season that you purchase your pass, you will make your money back in less than three visits to Dorney Park! Season pass holders get to reap many other benefits besides the free admission all season long. Season pass holders also get to take advantage of free parking all season long. That is a $15 savings per visit! Your season pass to Dorney Park includes unlimited access to Wildwater Kingdom as well as Planet Snoopy.

There are even more great perks inside the park for season pass holders. On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day season pass holders can bring a friend for just $14.99 admission which is more than 50% off of the regular price of admission. Season pass holders can also enjoy meal discounts such as paying only $9.99 for the all-you-can-eat buffet at Backyard Picnic, a season pass holder exclusive deal. Season pass holders can also enjoy fantastic discounts at merchandisers throughout the park, making your season pass pay for itself very quickly.

The fun does not stop when the summer ends, your season pass will also get you free admission to the Halloween Haunt at Dorney Park. This fall favorite is a festival with frights around every corner that is sure to delight the dare devil in you. Halloween Haunt is in its fifth season and is sure to be a hit again this year.

Dorney Park makes it easy to pay for your season pass this year, with their first ever offer to pay for the pass in four easy installments. It is simple to make your four low payments to get your summer of unending fun at Dorney Park.

Single Day Tickets

For those that are not local or do not want a season pass, Dorney Park offers another way to save money. With a little planning you can buy your Dorney Park tickets online and save $9 per ticket for single tickets and $11 per ticket when you buy tickets in groups of 4 or more! There are also savings on the Senior/Junior tickets, which offers you savings of $5 per ticket that you purchase online. Not only does buying your Dorney Park tickets online save you money, but it also saves you valuable time. There is no need to stand in long lines to pay your admission, with your e-ticket you can go right to the gate and get the fun started at Dorney Park right away!

Amusement parks are fun, but when you add a large water park into the admission, that same amusement park becomes the most fun your family has ever had! Dorney Park is the park that brings you an amazing array of roller coasters, thrill rides as well as family entertainment. That is not all however; with your admission to Dorney Park in the summer months, you also have access to the large number of waters slides and pools that Wildwater Kingdom has to offer. The summer fun at Wildwater Kingdom includes rides and pools that are perfect for all ages and all thrill levels.

Attractions for Young Children

The perfect spot for kids of all ages to get along is Island Water Works. This three level water toy is perfect for kids and adults to play water games with one another. Another great attraction for young kids is Kids Cove. This kids’ attraction that is themed to make kids feel like they are in a car wash is the perfect spot for the little tots in your family. Other attractions that are perfect for little kids include Lollipop Lagoon and Splash Landing. Both of these attractions are zero depth pools that have pint sized slides, water guns and geysers that are perfect for small children to cool off and have fun in.

Attractions for the Mildly Daring

For the beginning thrill seekers, Wildwater Kingdom has a wide variety of attractions that are perfect. There is nothing more calming and yet exciting than the Wildwater River or Runaway River. These slow rivers wind visitors around in tubes while they go through tunnels and water geysers, adding to the fun of the slow river.

For the More Daring

For those that are ready to wet their wings and really try something daring and fun, Wildwater Kingdom is your dream come true. With a large variety of speed slides, wave pools, body slides, racers and tubed hump slides, there is sure to be the perfect slide for every visitor. Visitors that are a bit daring will have a hard time deciding which ride to pick first! The body slides stand as tall as 40-feet tall and have intense speeds that are perfect for the thrill seeker.

For the Extreme Dare Devils

For visitors that cannot get enough of extreme water slides, Wildwater Kingdom has water slides that will knock your socks off. Aquablast stands a shocking 70-feet tall and sends a multi-person raft down banks and curves that are sure to have your entire party squealing with delight. Wildwater Kingdom also has Lightening Falls which is another 70-foot tall tube slide that has you twisting and winding your way to the end.

Families of all sizes and ages will find the perfect rides and attractions at Wildwater Kingdom. You cannot go wrong getting admission to an amazing water park in addition to your Dorney Park admission. The biggest problem your family will have is deciding where to start your fun!